BTS method is 100% pure and natural; free the any electrical machines. Our method combines 6 different kind of exercises that cover every muscle in your body .

Alejandro Ribalta

Alejandro Ribalta has dedicated his life to fitness, wellness, sports, and physical education. He packs 35+ years of experience in personal training and coaching worldly figures, such as Miss Universe beauty pageant contestants. Alejandro owns and operates several successful gyms and exercising facilities around the world, favored by some of the world’s top athletes. Today, he has combined all his knowledge in fitness and training with the human mind and spirit to bring you BTS Method.

Alejandro Ribalta

He has dedicated his life to a healthy live, sports and physical education activities with more than 35 years of experience teaching and leading important sports figures, Miss Universe beauty contest and founding several Gyms and exercises facilities around the world. Now, after more than 35 years studying the human body, mind and spirit, Alejandro understood the value of Adequacy and balanced exercises rather than doing exercises without your own control

Our instructors

Our instructors are trained and certified by Alejandro Ribalta himself

in all exercises and techniques that make the method special and unique.

Alejandro Ribalta

CEO – Founder and creator of method

Zully Aponte


Cristina Almeida

Personal Trainer

Roberto Oto

Personal Trainer


Master trainer Pilates

Andrea Carvalho

Personal Trainer

Alfonso Calabrese

Spinning Trainer

Ayxa Valentina

Athletic Yoga

Ariana Dupar

Pilates Master Trainer (PMA Certified)

Alejandro Rivalta

Personal Trainer